Low budget R&B videos be like …

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He loves her so much it’s so cute like typical white dad shit. I love it.

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May 26th 1994 - Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley are married

If reality TV was as prevalent in the early 90s as it is today Lisa Marie Presley would have almost certainly had her own show. Daughter of The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis, she married Danny Keough in 1988 and divorced in April 1994. One month later she married Michael Jackson. The Princess of Rock and the King of Pop. A royal wedding for the ages. Two years later she would divorce Jackson, but it was a nutty two years.

The marriage came on the heals of accusations that Michael Jackson had been sexually abusing 13 year old Jason Chandler which lead to addiction to pain killers, a trip to rehab, a warrant for a strip search, and a canceled tour.

Jackson says that Presley was there for him through his 1993 nightmare. He proposed over the phone. 

The weirdest moment of their (short) marriage came during the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards later in the year. Jackson and Presley came out on stage, welcomed everyone to the VMA’s and then had a really awkward kiss.

They will forever be remembered during this on stage appearance. It’s stuck in all our brains forever. 

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BOOMier than any caxirola. 


BOOMier than any caxirola. 

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I’m not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance.

Jon Stewart (via kushandwizdom)

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gee i wonder what went wrong

the music video for get her back is actually fucking terrifying he uses real texts between him and paula and like….this is just so fucking weird and creepy

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I like to hangout with people that make me forget to look at my phone

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Archan Nair - New Artwork titled “ Luminance“

Website // Facebook // Instagram

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"What inspires me is feeling. I’m talking about a sense of excitement, of awe and wonder. As a child, you have a kind of openness." —Jeff Koons to Art in America.

Jeff Koons (b. 1955), Bear and Policeman, 1988. Polychromed wood; 85 × 43 × 37 in. (215.9 × 109.2 × 94 cm). Artist’s proof. Collection of Jeffrey Deitch. © Jeff Koons

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"I’m Not Your Hustler, Kiss Me" | Seventh Man Magazine

model: Filip Hrivňák
photography: John Paul Pietrus
styling: Dean Hau