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Mr. Fitz’s brother.. es muy caliente !

Mr. Fitz’s brother.. es muy caliente !

Shay Mitchell & Tyler Blackburn

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MuchMusic: Pretty Little Liars - “Father Knows Best” - Episode 2x22 Promo

Pretty Little Liars .. Reactions to Episode #2:

opening scene picked up from last episode..

Emily is asked the most predictable question. “Where were you guys?”

guess who had the best answer.. ding, ding, ding.. Hanna ! *my condolences* smh

phone is ringing.. surprised Spencer was the first one to not want to answer it.

Hanna is reluctant to give Caleb the phone.. kind of disagreed with her.

how tf did A block the phone.. pissed me off.

Caleb quoted Angry Birds lol

The Montgomery parents are on some b.s. especially the dad.

Lucas is just weird as hell..

Toby & Spencer.. getting it on in the truck.

Jenna & Garrett’s convo.. heated, that dude spilt so much details.

Emily takes a test, at least attempts.

the convo with Emily & Spencer about her lake house.. dead.

Lucas is too paranoid

Patrick & Spongebob.. dead once again.

i knew the transcript of that convo had something to do with A.. dead again.

bro can i order a slap for Byron Montgomery.. he pissing me off bro hypocrite ass

Ezra asked to keep the door open.. i wonder why?

Lucas is the crisis caller.. go figure.

something not right the way he was acting.. A is not that stupid, that seem easy.

of course Hanna won’t listen if it’s about her friend

Ezra got a burst lip?.. damn bro. oh yeah, Poor Aria.

wow.. Lucas would be the one to creep out Spenc’

awkward moment when the Montgomery’s were going to eat at the same restaurant as Ezra.. ironic huh?

Lucas dumb as hell for making that call in the same house as Hanna much less Spencer.

they’re not slick trying to set Aria up on a blind date.. dirt.

Emily dumb as hell for that conversation, she shouldn’t have hinted a thing to Lucas.

Lucas scarying the hell outta Hanna, i’m glad she made it out alive.

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My intial reactions to Pretty Little Liars..

Opening Scene with the jump rope.. i’m like okay creepy, is this the mini liars?..

1 month later.. OMG convicts, Cat fight.. get her Emily ! then they show Garrett «

next morning.. Hanna is with her mom then Emily shows up & i’m like .. ouch, tension.

Emily happy about the fax that i almost thought she received from A. curious?

Conversation with Mike, Aria & Fitz.. awkward & rushed.

Spencer w/ Garrett.. i guess he & Jenna are a couple for the world to see now. -_-

poor Emily can’t even swim anymore, smh.

at the school, Aria’s mom has a mean attitude. why though?

Another Cat fight.. Emily chill out? then they switch books, Em gets a text & proceeds to board to circle yes.. i guess we don’t text back anymore O_o

so Aria & Hanna are shutting out Emily, damn bro this tension is terrible.

Hannah & Lucas, i still thinks he has feelings for her.

Ezra must feel guilty every time he has a convo with the Montgomery parents.

Toby getting shut out.. sad.. he made a chair too :(

wait.. why are they showing up.. Emily? what? bait.. these girls faked the entire thing (y)

Caleb’s back, Caleb’s back, we got all the fans saying Caleb’s back :)

Lucas you’re just in another awkward situation.

Jackie & Aria.. i really can’t stand that i wanna look like Megan Fox bitch..

Lucas’ conversation with Caleb.. this boy makes no type of sense, shut up already please.

Oh shit.. action, all the boys look on as they “argue”

"See you tonight, BFF!" - A  .. i died laughing for many reasons.

and shit gets realer now.. “We wanted to tell you something important.. I’m in love with your daughter, *pauses for long time* I love Aria” *awkward silence*

Aria gets up, shit gets even realer.. Ezra please stop talking..

Mike ! OMG this boy just ran up on your ass .

tension in the Montgomery household.. «

Ezra & Jackie.. please tell her off, Yes he did !

everyone is all caught up in their house now.. tf?

Why Hanna’s dad always want to talk her? i’m tired of his indecisive, non-listening ass.

Toby stop the bullshit, let her go now.. 

Worry for Emily grows..

So Mr. Marin got married.. wait, why are you moving back to Rosewood.. you’re not welcome in Rosewood especially you’re fam.

Be careful Emily ! wait why she keep looking around when she walking up to A.. oh shit, tricked your ass.  

Aria, Spencer good timing.. A “Y U Throw Plant in Glass Roof For?”

yes Hanna hit his ass with her car.. karma is a bitch.

Run Girls Run !! damn they lost him.

yes, A’s phone, that nigga pissed off..

Wishes :

i wish they would hurry up & get Caleb to hack it.

I think Lucas maybe A.

ahhh this is crazy !

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so how about in less than 15 minutes.. dashboards, newsfeeds, TLs, anything social network related will be Flooded..
if you don’t like the hype, get annoyed by these things or dislike spoiler alerts because you live on the West Coast.. GTFO
okay, just warninig you :)
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Pretty Little Liars & The Lying Game comeback January 2nd .. ohh yass ! just about 2 months :)

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So as I was watching Pretty Little Liars, and I saw Officer Garret,


I was like I know I have seen him somewhere else, so I did some quick research, it turns out that Officer Garret:

Was also in The LIzzie McGuire Movie as Paolo Valisair:

He changed a lot!

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it’s sad they just got together now they’re apart.. A just fucking shit up, poor Em.

it’s sad they just got together now they’re apart.. A just fucking shit up, poor Em.

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