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Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience = Instant Eargasm

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Keyshia Cole need to go write a song about all the slander she got tonight, i know that hurt her to the core. *Mimi voice*

i don’t think she expected so much people to attack her, she thought wrong.

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Middle Schoolers Love Sosa. damn.

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As talented as Ryan Leslie is, he could have at least allowed fans to fully embrace “Suit and Tie” before making a remix.

Dude made one in less than 24 hours of the release, i think reports even said within 5 hours.. like damn.

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seen this twice in one day, figured i’d share.

It’s kind of sad he had to stay in that position for nearly 6 hours, blame it on the alcohol.

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LMAO damn.

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Ruzzle Anyone?

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i don’t really see how this was self-defense but okay.

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This story is too legit, i don’t know if i should laugh.

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So I redownloaded my KiK.. Feel free to send me names or hit me up “iamdanibee”

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Iconz Showcase

So last night my school held a Choreographer’s Showcase, with multiple talents all over Atlanta & the metro area that came to perform.

It was amazing !

There were 17 performances, 2 which were singing.

The performances involved dancing to the likes of Britney Spears, Yeezy & Jay, Janet Jackson, MJ, Adele, Usher, Johnny Cash, Rihanna, The Beatles, Nicki Minaj, etc. 

All though she got held up by traffic, Dondria performed a Whitney Houston tribute to close the show.. i saw when she arrived too.

Royal Flush Dance Crew from ABDC were among the many acts that performed, they even were on stage with local talent, QT Jazz. 

During the intermission, my friends and I managed to get pictures with Royal Flush crew & some of the people involved in the show. 

One of the members of Royal Flush, i was telling him i like his lip piercing, while he was singing Lotus Flower Bomb in my direction lol.

After the show, we managed to get pictures with Dondria (also an autograph) & Jacob Latimore (who i had know idea was in the audience until the end). 

They all were humble and down to earth. 

The Showcase was fun, everybody enjoyed themselves, and i’m proud of everyone involved, especially the ones i know personally.

I’m glad i went.

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